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About Captains Marine Online
Captains Marine Online was established in 1980 by Captain Flynn Smith, and is approved by the United States Coast Guard ( USCG ) and National Maritime Center ( NMC ) to conduct captain's license courses. Our captain's courses feature Captain Flynn Smith's detailed explanations and over 40 years of experience on the subjects.

Captain Flynn Smith
 Captain Flynn Smith, flinn sea school

  • Holds a 500 ton Master Captains License
  • Awarded teacher of the year
  • Marine Biologist
  • Captain For over 40 years in The Florida Keys
  • Guided for Berkley testing prototype fishing gear
  • Capt. Flynn Smith was featured on:
    Sunday Morning with Charles Kuralt
    PM Magazine
    Today Show
    Twice on Good Morning America

    The Cover of the Baltimore Sun
    Miami Herald article with National Geographic on shark reproduction in the Marquesas Keys.
    Marine Biology research on the effects of the Brunswick Nuclear Power Plant (Cape Fear North Carolina) on the marine environment.
    Published range extensions on the French Angel, Queen Angel, and Three Spot Damsel Fish with the University of North Carolina. 
    Miami Vice Season 4

Features include shark collecting with Ronald Reagan Jr., fish collecting for the National Aquarium in Baltimore with Steve Bell, and releasing sea turtles from the New England Aquarium with Paul Barrington

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