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Captain's license course Florida Captains License Requirements
Captains Licence Requirements

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USCG OUPV Captains License Requirements

The USCG Operator of Uninspected Passenger Vessels ( OUPV / Six Pack Captain's License) allows the holder to carry up to six paying passengers on uninspected vessels up to 100 gross tons (about 75-90 feet long). These are usually smaller vessels that normally engage in charter fishing, SCUBA diving, or tour cruises. As such, these vessels are limited to six paying passengers plus crew-hence the term " Six Pack or 6 Pack "

OUPV Near Coastal: This license is valid on vessels up to 100 gross tons and out to 100 nautical miles.

The OUPV Near Coastal Captain's License also requires at least 360 days of documented experience in the operation of vessels, 90 of which must be gained seaward of the boundary line. Ninety of the 360 days must be in the last three years. Experience gained prior to the age of 15 will not be counted.

Additional 6 Pack Requirements

  • Obtain a ( TWIC Card )
  • Minimum age: 18 years old
  • Pass a Physical Examination
  • Take Drug Test a unless enrolled in a USCG - approved random drug testing program for at least 60 of the last 180 day5 days, and with no failure or refusal to participate in a chemical test for dangerous drugs.
  • CPR/First Aid training
  • Provide Three Character References
  • Completion of Captains Marine Online's USCG approved OUPV / Six-Pack online captain's course
  • Completed USCG Original License Application

All testing is done at our facilities.

Upon successful completion of the OUPV Captains course, the student passes our multiple choice exam, he or she will receive a certificate recognized by the United States Coast Guard. Simply submit, within one year, the original certificate along with your application package and applicable fees to the USCG Regional Exam Center. Upon their approval of your package, they will send you your original Captain's License.

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USCG Masters Captains License Requirements

The 25 / 50 / 100 Ton Master Upgrade course provides an opportunity for the holder of an OUPV Captain's license to raise their grade to a Master-level license. The 25 / 50 / 100 Ton Master Upgrade allows the holder to operate inspected vessels as well as uninspected vessels. The 25 / 50 / 100 Ton Master License is required by the USCG for any inspected vessel certified to carry more than six paying passengers. Such vessels would include headboats, assistance towboats, large passenger capacity tour boats, etc.

Master Upgrades are tonnage-rated at 25 GT, 50 GT, or 100 GT. The tonnage you are awarded is determined by the size vessels you've gained experience on in your lifetime, as limited by the size of vessels with experience on in the last three years. Time served in obtaining your OUPV License may be applied to the requirements for the Master Upgrade requirements.

Master Near Coastal: 720 days underway experience since age 15. Ninety of those 720 days are required in the last three years, with 360 of those 720 days outside the boundary lines. (ex ocean) Completion of the USCG-approved Master course and test.

Additional Masters Requirements

  • Transportation Workers Identification Credential ( TWIC Card )
  • Minimum age: 19 years old
  • A Physical if more than three years has elapsed since the last exam
  • A Drug Test unless enrolled in a USCG-required random drug program for at least 60 of the last 185 days, and with no failure or refusal to participate in a chemical test for dangerous drugs
  • U.S. Citizenship
  • Completion of Captains Marine Online's USCG-approved OUPV Upgrade to Master online course

Upon successful completion Captains Marine Onlines program and passing the proctored multiple choice test, the student receives a certificate of completion which the U.S. Coast Guard will accept in lieu of taking their exam.

Note: As you gain experience on larger vessels, tonnage ratings can be increased up to 100 tons without re-testing

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